Organization Profile

as per the document provided by the organization.

Kuwait International Law School (‘KILAW’) is the first private law school in Kuwait, and the second nationwide beside the school of law of Kuwait University. The vision behind establishing a private school specialized in legal education emerged from the notion of being distinguished by excellence in legal education. The goal was to provide legal education characterized by an international dimension, local and Arabic profundity in order to introduce modern pioneering educational methodology based upon the critical thinking, and not limited to the traditional lecturing and teaching methodology. KILAW commenced with teaching 6 compulsory legal courses in English. Besides that, students may study up to 12 legal courses in English if they wish.

Kuwait International Law School offers the chance of studying six unique courses which are not found in traditional Arab universities. They include planning law, the European law, international trade law, competition law, law and IT, and the Islamic financial transaction law. Furthermore, students of the School are required to join a special program for learning legal English language so that the students shall be prepared to study part of their courses in English. The School, too, launched a vital plan for a students’ exchange program with the associate universities. One example of such program has been consecrated to workshops of what is known as “Legal Clinic” within the academic programs of the School.

The international focus of the School has equally been accompanied with the sound interest of creating the student’s legal character and professionalism through the courses that are taught in the Arabic language. Such vision is reflected by employing the most novel methods and didactic tools, and the elaborate linking of the professional sides within the context of legal education, such as the courts’ rulings and leading judgments, and the current legislative developments. The Sharia’a Laws (the Islamic laws) have gained significant concern in order to be a tributary for enhancing students’ ability in the system, the thought and the instructional method. Consequently, the mingling between these Islamic Laws and the legal theory studies has been unprecedented in their application in the Kuwaiti international law schools. The aim beyond such trend is to enhance the legal competence of the student with the support of practicing academic training in the domain of the Moot courts and simulation of parliament. This activity has actually been implemented, accompanied with other pedagogic programs. Moreover, the audio-visual library; (the cinema hall), as well as the participation in the Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Competition, have also added another merit to the esteemed foundation of this School. Along with the above, the institutional structure of the School, and the outstanding contributions of its faculty have collectively provided an integrated learning environment for the students.

Kilaw ambitions are even further beyond being the hub for legal education.


Required Documents

All applicants must submit the following documentation:

  • Official high school graduation diploma and transcripts
  • Three recent passport-size photographs
  • A photocopy of the civil identity card and the passport which must include a valid residence permit for non-Kuwaitis

 Original high school degree for PUC program applicants, and a copy for on self fund applicants.
 For private and foreign schools students an equivalency letter.
 A valid copy of the ID.
 A valid copy of the passport.
 4 personal photos.
 To whom it may concern from the work (If the applicant is an employee).
 The applicant may attach his/her TOFEL of IELTS tests if he/she has any; but neither would
affect KILAW’s placement English test.

GPA Requirements:
 Needed percentage to apply for high school holders is 70% for self-funding students (Wither
Science or Arts degree)
 Needed percentage to apply for high school holders on the PUC program is 80% for Science and
Arts degree. Also, the degree should not exceed 2 years since graduation’s date.
 Needed percentage to apply for Law Diploma holders is (2.00), and for Non-Law Diploma
holders is (2.33).
 Needed percentage for PUC program for the Law Diploma holders is (3.00).
 Students should complete (124) credits to get the Law Bachelor from KILAW.